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Welcome to Salts of the World first blog!

For those of you who still don't know us, we are Salts of the World, a family run business based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our aim is to bring the best salts from around the world to your kitchen so you can enjoy them ... and share them too! A selection of the finest gourmet salts, himalayan salt, artisan salts, salt flakes, coarse salt and gift packs for foodies and chefs like you.

We come from Barcelona where the passion for food is transferred from generation to generation knowing that the best food starts with the best ingredients.

Food is more than survival. With it we socialize. We share great moments with our loved ones, with friends… Food is the centre of human relationships.


Not all salts are the same and each of them has a special and unique touch. Salts make a great difference in your meals and give them a distinctive character. We love working with artisans and family run businesses that treasure their products.

We are very proud of our range of gourmet salts and we are excited to share them with you.

​Happy cooking!


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03 jul 2022

I love all the knowledge on this site!! So educational! & the women who is behind it all Is the kindest soul I’ve ever known ♥️

Me gusta
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