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This unique Whisky Smoked Salt is made using triple filtered, small batch Atlantic salt from the UK which has a distinct mineral profile and a sea-fresh purity. Free from preservatives, the light crystal flakes are perfect for absorbing all the warmth and sweetness of the smoky aromas.

This salt is made using black garlic from Europe’s oldest producer who has been perfecting their ageing process for more than 12 years. With its origins in Far Eastern cuisines, black garlic is an increasingly popular ingredient that has only reached European palates in recent years. Unlike raw garlic, black garlic has a uniquely mellow, umami flavour. We smoke it and crumble it into our salt for a robust and deep flavour profile.


Smoking Wood: Steeped in Scottish heritage.

The Unique Hawkhead Whisky Smoked flavour is created by aged oak wood whisky casks from Scottish distilleries that have been in service for up to 70 years, during which time they will have been flame-charred and refilled with whisky several times over.

Once in the smoker, one by one the layers of spirit are released and the aroma transferred into the salts giving them that comforting fireside flavour



The Guild of Fine foods runs the Great Taste which is the world's largest and most trusted food and drink awards.

Black Garlic Whisky Smoked salt has won a 3 Star Great Taste Award 2020


Product Specifications

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Aged Black Garlic, Whisky Cask Smoke.


Nutritional Values: Typical Values per 100g: Energy 37KJ, 9kcal, Fat 0g of which saturates 0g Carbohydrate 0g of which sugars 1.2g Protein 0.6g Salt 96g

Black Garlic Whisky Smoked Salt

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