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Superfood Never Tasted So Good


Blue spirulina (the common name for phycocyanin) is a wildly nutritious blue green algae, considered a superfood by many. Not to be confused with the more common green spirulina, and it's associated bitter, grassy taste, blue spirulina delivers all the antioxidant power with none of the unpleasant flavours.


Blue Spirulina is carefully blended in small batches with both coarse and fine ground sea salt, creating a vibrantly blue, all natural sea salt loaded with all the health benefits of spirulina, without the acrid taste associated with green spirulina.


This all natural infused salt is perfect for creating whimsical cocktails from margaritas to mojitos, dusting on desserts just before serving for a vibrant pop of color and pure salt flavour or sprinkling on appetizers, canapes, and small bites as a colorful, delicious accent.


Ingredients: Coarse Sea Salt, Fine Sea Salt, Blue Spirulina Powder.

Blue Spirulina Superfood Sea Salt

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