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Season your meals with the flavour of boletus and everything will taste absolutely delicious.

Giving your meat and rice dishes that special flavour is easy, quick and only the highest quality.

With Boletus Salt Flakes, your food won’t go unnoticed and everyone will want to try it again.

Boletus are rich in minerals and vitamins with a wide range of nutritional and medicinal benefits. These benefits are so great that they’ve today joined our superfood list.

– Very high levels of potassium. Perfect to get rid of liquids.

– High phosphorus content. Brilliant help to form bones and teeth.

– Rich in copper. Perfect to keep the nervous system at bay.

– Selenium, its star component. One of the best antioxidants. It also gives us iron, sodium, silicon, sulphur, manganese and magnesium.

If we combine these boletus benefits with the greatness of Salt Flakes, we create a powerful mixture for your dishes.

Add it just before eating. Directly over the plate, whilst the food is still hot, mix the seasoning into your pasta and/or risottos and everything will drastically change.


Ingredients: salt flakes, boletus edulis dehydrated.
Net Weight: 80g
Volume: 2.82Oz

Packaging: glass jar.


Boletus (mushroom) Salt Flakes

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