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British Dream Gourmet Salt Gift Box


Gift box with 5 Gourmet British Salts. A perfect gift for foodies inspired on the best salts in the United Kingdom.


Halen Mon Pure Sea Salt in Watercolour Ceramic Jar

Pure Droitwich Salt

Isle of Skye Salt

Black Garlic Whisky Smoked Salt

Blackthorn Sea Salt Flakes


Halen Mon’s Pure Sea Salt in a watercolour ceramic jar: A beautiful gift for home cooks and foodies, a perfect addition to any kitchen. It comes with a wooden scoop, ideal for sprinkling these pure white cystals

Halen Mon Sea Salt is made from the clean, clear seawaters that surround the beautiful island of Anglesey in North Wales. 


Pure Droitwich Salt: Droitwich Salt is sourced from one of the oldest and purest brine springs in the world. Smaller crystals of natural Droitwich Salt make this perfect for sprinkling. So versatile - an everyday seasoning salt also suitable for curing, pickling and creating your own fermented foods. With intense saltiness, a little goes a long way.Winner of Great Taste Award one star 2020.


Blackthorn Sea Salt Flakes: Made with wind, sea and thorns on the West Coast of Scotland, Blackthorn Salt Flakes is the ultimate transformative ingredient for today’s kitchen. Poignant and bittersweet, with a taste echoing sea, Blackthorn Salt adds a rolling moreishness to any meal.


Black Garlic Whisky Smoked Salt: Black Garlic Whisky Smoked Salt: This unique Whisky Smoked Salt is made using triple filtered, small batch Atlantic salt from the UK which has a distinct mineral profile and a sea-fresh purity. Free from preservatives, the light crystal flakes are perfect for absorbing all the warmth and sweetness of the smoky aromas.This salt is made using black garlic from Europe’s oldest producer who has been perfecting their ageing process for more than 12 years. Unlike raw garlic, black garlic has a uniquely mellow, umami flavour. Smoking Wood: The Unique Hawkhead Whisky Smoked flavour is created by aged oak wood whisky casks from Scottish distilleries that have been in service for up to 70 years.Black Garlic Whisky Smoked salt has won a 3 Star Great Taste Award 2020

Isle of Skye Salt: 100% pure Scottish sea salt crystals and nothing else, from sea loch to larder. The sea salt is harvested from the mineral-rich sea waters of Loch Snizort on the Isle of Skye to produce the multi award-winning sea salt crystals. The unique, natural evaporation process creates pure, white crystals with a distinct texture and flavour.

British Dream Salt Gift Pack

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