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A CRAFT COCKTAIL CREATED BY YOU - by adding fresh delicious botanical spices to Gin, Whisky, Rum, Tequila, Wine, Mezcal and Vodka, infuse and be rewarded with a unique cocktail using these non-GMO ethically sourced spices that enhance the flavours.

LIFT YOUR SPIRITS AND ADD SOME PIZAZZ TO COCKTAILS as this collection of spices is an inspiration on any alcoholic drink, making it an essential ingredient and garnish selection in any home bar.

FRESH FLAVOUR AND DELICIOUSIOUS – This gift set of botanicals is stored in glass tubes to retain the fresh flavours and aromas and, just like top mixologists only use the best ingredients, you will also be able to delight your taste-buds.

EXQUISITELY PRESENTED IN A GIFT SLIDE OUT TRAY – providing the opportunity to gift someone an experience that speaks to their passions, bringing eye-catching designs, the ultimate foodie gift.

MIXOLOGY AT IT BEST – get experimenting by making different combinations of the botanicals to create a more complex and exciting infusions for your drinks.

Selection of Botanical Ingredients include, to get your taste-buds going:

Mezcal Infusion: Rooibos with Vanilla, Orange Rind, Cinnamon Pieces, Ginger Pieces, Star Anise Pieces, All Spice Ground, Bergamot Extract

Rum Infusion: Sugarcandy White, Lemon Rind, Lime Leaves, Spearmint Leaf, Lime Flavour

Spiced Whiskey Infusion: Spearmint Leaf, Lemon Rind, Cinnamon Pieces.

Vodka Infusion:  Sugarcandy White, Spearmint Leaf, Ginger Pieces, Hibiscus Coarse, Raspberry Pieces.

Tequila Infusion: Triple Smoked Chilli Flakes, Lemon Rind, Lime Leaves, Sea Salt, Lime

Gin Infusion: Juniper Berries, Rosemary Whole, Hibiscus Petals, Lavender Flower, blue whole.

Gluhwein Infusion: Orange Rind, Lemon Rind, Cinnamon Pieces, All Spice, Nutmeg Pieces, Cloves Whole, Cardamom Whole Pods(Green), Star Anise Pieces, Black Peppercorns, Mace Whole.

Sparkling Wine Infusion: KB Lemon & Orange blend, Ginger Pieces, Spearmint Leaf.

Cocktail Happy Hour | Botantical Spice Set

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