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If it comes from Hawaii, it must be delicious and beautiful!
That's exactly what the Hawaiian Bamboo Green Salt is, and once you try it, you won't stop using it. You'll have a wide range of salts in your kitchen (white, pink, black...) and the green one, of course, will be among them.

Originating, as its name suggests, from Hawaii (a Pacific island), Hawaiian Bamboo Green Salt is mainly used in Chinese and Asian cuisine for the final touch in the preparation of dishes.

It has a luxurious taste, which is why chefs from all over the world value it like gold, and its appearance cannot be more beautiful thanks to its bright green and yellow crystals.

Its composition is due to the filtration and evaporation of water from the Pacific coast (near the island of Molokai) and the natural modification of the sun, which creates salt crystals. The result is mixed, also in a completely natural process, with countless minerals that make it exceptional, reaching a compound of over 80 minerals.

To obtain the final green result, the obtained crystals are infused with bamboo leaf extract, which, in addition to giving it its own intense green color, provides a unique taste between the sea and the countryside.

With a delicate taste, as well as texture and color, this salt is perfect for all kinds of dishes such as meats, fish, vegetables, soups, but you can make the most of it especially with white fish, to which it will give a truly unique touch.

And if you still need more reasons to use this salt in your kitchen, you already know the benefits of natural salt, and what can we say about bamboo? It is a very important source of minerals and nutrients for our body, and consuming this salt will help your body and, of course, give you joy to your palate.


Ingredients: Sea salt
Net Weight: 210g
Packaging: glass jar with adjustable grinder.

Green Bamboo Hawaiian Salt

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