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Espelette pepper Guerande Salt is a bestseller.

It will seduce you with its olfactory intensity of fruit and toasted aromas, Espelette pepper tantalizes the taste buds but does not burn.


Guerande salt is a delicate gift of the ocean, the sun, the wind and the traditional know-how of salt workers who harvest by hand in salt marshes. A 100% natural process. The salt workers are the heirs of an ancestral know-how and the guardians of a unique natural heritage having beeen harvested since the Iron Age.


*Please note: Due to its natural harvesting process, this salt may arrive slightly damp because of natural moisture in the salts.*


it is  a Bio, Vegan, Eco Friendly and Cruelty Free product

The grinder is double grind and refillable.
Store in a dry place.


Net weight: 80gr

List of ingredients:  Salt Guerande and Espelette pepper AOP

Espelette Pepper Guerande Salt

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