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Hawaiian Red Salt

From Hawaii, the sunny beach paradise, this salt brings benefits in taste, smell and health. It’s an intense red colour and has a mineral content superior to all other salts, making it great for cooking as well as treating certain ailments, adding flavour to your dishes in turn.

Also known as “Alaea”, named for its primary component, the Hawaiian Red Salt is “sacred”, white, volcanic clay from the Hawaiian Islands.

As well as being used in the kitchen, it was originally used, according to ancestral beliefs, to bless, clean or purify areas, on top of being used for medicinal purposes. Hawaiian Red Salt is well worth trying in any of your dishes. It’s very visually appealing and will add a smooth, nutty flavour to your recipes. In terms of medicinal benefits, we must highlight its contribution of iron oxide, plus 80 minerals and trace elements from each scale, which are safe and have been proven to help the body stay balanced.

This salt is one of the purest of its kind and its production maintains absolute respect for the nature and ecosystem surrounding it. Enjoy this salt because it really is quite unique.

You’ll taste something you’ve never before experienced and, of course, don’t forget its bodily benefits. Use the glass grinder to keep the salt fresh and in its very best condition.


Ingredients: sea salt, red clay.
Net Weight: 180g
Volume: 6.35oz
Packaging: glass jar with adjustable grinder.

Hawaiian Red Salt

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