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The Himalayas, deemed a temple for their altitude and their unique energy that gives us this precious salt to flavour our dishes and recipes.

It’s a pinkish-orange salt, considered to be the purest of all, free from chemicals that you may find in shops, which is what you can expect from Himalayan salt: purity. Orginally from Pakistan, from the Jhurum mining district, it’s brought to us in the form of pink crystals, ready to be ground. It’s special, unique and won’t be easy to find, which is why we’ve given it to you in a glass jar, to preserve all of its splendour.

It’s rich and admired for its high content of minerals…all natural, including magnesium, potassium, sulphur, iron, manganese, fluorine (rarely seen in other salts or spices), (natural) iodine, chromium and 84 more.

If you want to find the best, natural alternative in quality to the supermarket’s normal table salt, the Pink Himalayan Salt is always the best choice. Leave table salt behind and choose the better salt, reaping the health benefits.

Use the Pink Himalayan Salt for any recipe and dish, always freshly ground. Here are a few of its great health benefits:

– Helps rheumatism so run yourself a hot bath with these salts and immerse yourself for half an hour. You’ll quickly notice the pain relief.

– Revitalizes the skin and renews your natural energy.

– Decongests your airways and throat. Gargle with water.

– Removes impurities from the skin such as acne. As always, remember that, despite its benefits, salt has to be consumed in its proper measurements.


Ingredients: pink Himalayan salt
Net Weight: 180g
Volume: 6.35oz
Packaging: glass jar with adjustable grinder

Himalayan Pink Salt

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