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Isle of Skye Sea Salt Flakes 150g


Pure Scottish Sea Salt

100% pure Scottish sea salt crystals and nothing else, from sea loch to larder. The sea salt is harvested from the mineral-rich sea waters of Loch Snizort on the Isle of Skye to produce the multi award-winning sea salt crystals. The unique, natural evaporation process creates pure, white crystals with a distinct texture and flavour.


100% natural gourmet salt

This is a completely natural, unrefined and premium quality sea salt, made using an innovative recognised solar evaporation process which harnesses the power of the sun and the wind to ensure that all the minerals and elements found in the sea are retained in the salt. This gives the salt its distinct, robust flavour and a 'sweet finish' which is acclaimed by foodies and professional chefs alike.

Great for seasoning dishes and also acts as a preservative.


Multi-award winning

Winner of multiple awards in recognition of the production process and for the superb quality of the salt.


Environmentally-friendly packaging

The salt tubs are made from high-quality reusable and recyclable card and are perfect for storing the salt flakes. 


Isle of Skye Sea Salt Flakes 150g

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