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Mediterranean SaltMarine salt has its art and, above all.. its benefits!


It’s an authentic, powerful and extremely beneficial salt – just look at its origin…is there anything that provides more good for our body than the sea? Extracted directly from the water, free from chemical additions and processing, Mediterranean Sea Salt is great eaten daily to enhance the flavour our dishes and gain health benefits.

– Salt: Helps strengthen the immune system. Helps you fight against flu viruses, common colds, as well as allergies and all autoimmune processes.

– Prevents and reverses high levels of acid in your body. Great at alkalising.

– It allows you to produce more acids during digestion, which helps you lose weight.

– Soothes irritated skin and skin infections (prepare a sea salt bath and you’ll notice the effects).

– Reduces inflammation of the respiratory system, making it a great ally to asthma.

– Helps form strong bones and prevents osteoporosis.

Taking all of this into consideration, it’s clear that you should not only keep sea salt in the kitchen for your recipes (it suits any meal, but especially fish), but in the rest of the home to run hot baths, exfoliate your skin and eliminate toxins.


Ingredients: Mediterranean Sea Salt
Net Weight: 210g

Volume: 7.41 Oz
Packaging: glass jar with adjustable grinder.


Mediterranean Salt

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