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Namibia Pearl Salt : Discover a new unique, surprising texture, different to any salts you’ve tried before. Each pearl of salt has a consistent, intense, “hard” bite. Include these pearls to your dishes to add an unexpected touch, surprising your guests.

The Namibian salt pearls aren’t well known and will definitely earn you points if you add them to your cooking. You’ll only need a small amount to get a great flavour, thanks to their immense power.

These pearls are unique because of their origin; they’re found in the deepest, purest waters of the Antarctic, with history in every piece. The salt travels to the Namibian coast where, under intense sun rays, it’s collected to reach us in its purest, most authentic state. It’s like having a slice of ice paradise on your table, melted with the warm African sun.


This salt has its origin in the deep, frozen waters of the Antarctic, and it is collected along Namibia's seaside, under Africa's scorching sun. The seaside limits with the oldest desert in our planet, Namibia's, which consists of 1600 kilometers of protected shores. Salt pearls are formed through the evaporation of sea water on the shore and the help of the strong winds that take place right where the Namibia's desert ends and the Atlantic Ocean starts.These salt marshes are located within protected areas that are a haven for nature lovers and bird watchers.
You can use this kind of salt on all your meals. Use in moderation as a small quantities are enough to season a fish.


Ingredients: Pearl Salt from Namibia
Net Weight: 190g

Volume: 6.7 Oz
Packaging: glass jar with adjustable grinder.

Namibia Pearl Salt

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