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Blue Persian Salt: It is a white salt with spectacular blue crystals

Its name alone takes us to a world of luxury and exoticism: Blue Persian Salt. Originally from the very distant Iran, it has unique, special qualities that are well worth learning about.

The salt is from an Iranian mountain which was once bathed by the Precambrian sea, which helped create this unique salt. It’s recognised by the world for its blue colour, caused by fossilisation of the sylvinite mineral that forms this salt 260 million years ago. It’s a mineral that we usually find in pink tones, which is what makes its blue colour such a strange phenomenon, as well as giving it its value.

Blue Persian Salt is characterised by an intense flavour that combines perfectly with the sweetness we find in these salts, in addition to its crunchy texture and dryness. It works perfectly with carpaccios, fish, sauces and, thanks to its lemony touch, it’s great for decorating cocktails.

It has many health benefits, including a high percentage of iron (which is fantastic for the body, especially for women who regularly lose iron), calcium (great for our bones) and potassium (in which we are all deficient).

Use this salt in your recipes and try, on occasion, to replace your usual white salt with this blue one – it’ll surprise you.


Ingredients: persian blue salt
Net Weight: 180g
Volume: 6.35oz
Packaging: glass jar with adjustable grinder

Blue Salt

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