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Salt…how delicious a great meal can be with a touch of salt, and even better with Truffle, the long-awaited, rich Truffle…What a wonder! Truffle, the treasure of the earth that is increasingly desirable, appreciated and valued, giving this salt a burst of flavour that makes it the best dressing for white meats and, above all, pasta risottos.


This edible mushroom has an intense brown or blackish coloured outside and a white or brown inside (which identifies the brilliant truffle quality). It’s grown underground and takes both dogs and specialists to find them at the foot of trees, especially oak trees.


Black Truffle, the one used in this salt mixture, is the so-called “winter truffle” – its prime season is from November to March. It’s during these months that specialists are able to detect and extract them with the utmost care, making sure not to break, split or damage them.


They’re a real cuisine delicacy with a high price that they’ve earnt for themselves which we’ve merged with our best salt to make your dishes exquisite. In addition to being exquisite, the truffle has a secret, unknown to all, which is how it grows beneath the ground.


Ingredients: natural salt flakes, dried truffles, truffle aroma

Net Weight: 80g

Volume: 2.82oz

Packaging: glass jar

Truffle Salt Flakes

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