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Utah Sweet Salt

The mines of Bonneville, in Salt Lake City (known for its ski resort), are one of the largest sources of salt in the North American continent, and is shown off for its excellent quality. It’s a salt created from the evaporation of water from the lake it inhibits. It’s special because the lake is joined by three very different rivers that provide all sorts of different elements, naturally enriching the salt with potassium and calcium. Its distinctive properties are due to the salinity of the lake, with higher levels than usual that range between 5-30%, hence the mild, sweet taste of this seasoning.

It’s perfect for savoury dishes as well as sweet ones; thanks to its flavour, it’s great to use both during cooking and at the end, just before eating. If you’re a lover of sandwiches…you have to give them a touch of extra flavour with this salt.

Health benefits? The benefits of a good, pure salt.

  • It’s great for muscles.
  • Helps our bodies grow and develop.
  • Great contribution of magnesium.
  • Excellent in improving cardiovascular health.
  • It allows us to sleep better. – Improves brain performance.
  • Helps us get rid of liquid retention.


Ingredients: Utah Sweet Salt
Net Weight: 210g

Volume: 7.41 Oz
Packaging: glass jar with adjustable grinder.


Utah Sweet Salt

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